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In 1962 John W Allmand founded the JOHN ALLMAND BOATS CORP. After opening a retail boat and motor business. Mr. Allmand decided to manufacture boats in April 1963 and began producing a trailerable fly bridge sports fisherman with a semi- deep vee hull at a rate of one a week. In November 1963 the company moved to a new plant in Hialeah, Florida. This increased production to five boats a week and expanded the line to eight models. In 1967 they moved to a 60,000sq foot plant capable of producing up to five million dollars worth of 23, 25 and 28 foot boats a year. Employing over 100 people and with ALLMAND quality and craftsmanship brought the company from one a week to a major US boat manufacturer. ALLMAND networked out and sold their boats through authorized dealers in the U.S. and to many foreign countries.

The company is registered with the United States Coast Guard safe boating database as an active manufacturer since 1976. A pioneer in building fiberglass at the dawn of the fiberglass era; building thousands of top quality boats from 16 feet to 34 feet and one off yachts. Enter Allmand Boats into any search engine to see countless listings of Fishing boats from the past to the present. In 1977 John Allmand's brother Tom Allmand came on board. Tom's contribution to the company were several new designed sail boats from 23 feet to 35 feet.Todd Allmand, began building new high speed off shore designs in 1993. The first high speed model designed by us called the 36 foot Samuai high performance open fisherman. Ordered by anglers, and scuba divers wherever there was the need to navigate long distances with 4 to 6 foot seas safely at high speeds. Sold from Nags Head to St Maarten. We soon became the leader in both power and sail pleasure. Some collector sites are www.AllmandSail.com a site hosted by the Allmand Sail Boat owners. www.supernova19.com highlights the early power models. We also provide some of the best quality boats like Rigid hull boats, Inflatable boats, Cabin Cruiser Boats, PilotHouse Boats, boat mold making, boat building, custom boats. We also provide other quality product like accessories and useful equipment as well. Be part some successful world famous company and get benefit as other having from us. We always trying to provide quality goods and services to each and every client.