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638B 21' Water Taxi

   Our 638B model water taxi mini cabin boats are the best option when you ned to transport eight to ten passengers yet able to stay out of the sun in the comfort of the cabin. We build mini cabin 21 foot water taxi boats to fit any budget. Our 21 foot 638 water taxi needs only 100 horse power to transport your passengers on the lake or in the bay waters. It fits up to ten seats including one crew member. The 638B water taxi mini cabin has open deck room at the rear for passenger boarding as well as in the front with a swing open front windscreen for access through the front of the boat. Talk about economy, name any other model this size with a comfortable cabin large enough for up to ten passengers for the price and efficiency.

   Affordability and function for hotel resort islands who need to transport guest or hotel personnel from island to island. Add a Yamaha 100 horse power engine and your total turnkey cost is under $36,000.00 including global shipping, compass VHF Radio, Spot Light and More. Order your today be on the water transporting passengers in your made to order 638B water taxi in about 90 days. Secure cabin doors protect you from the elements keeping you warm and dry when you want to be. Sliding windows on both sides let in the breeze to keep you cool inside out of the blazing sun.

panga skiff imensa
panga skiff imensa

PRICE: $28,599.00 Includes Global Shipping

  • OVERALL LENGTH 6450 / 21'
  • BEAM 2110 / 7'
  • DEPTH 860 / 2'7" DRAFT 350 / 1' 2"
  • WEIGHT (kg) About 1300 / 2800 lbs
  • CAPACITY 10 Passengers (WITH 1 CREW
  • SPEED 45-60km/h
  • POWER RECOMEND (Hp.) 100--150
  • Fiberglass hull and deck structure, all with white gelcoat
  • Stainless steel cleats
  • Stainless steel U ring 3 pcs
  • Bow and stern rails 6 pcs
  • Roof handle 1 pair
  • Front window(port side can be open as a door) 1 set
  • Rain wiper 1 set
  • Instrument panel 1 pcs
  • Drive and assist drive seats 2 pcs
  • Passenger seats 8 pcs
  • Side windows 4 pcs
  • Cabin light 1 pcs
  • Port and starboard lights 1 pair
  • 12V bilge pump 1 pcs
  • 12V 80A battery 1 pcs
  • 10 meters rope 1 pcs

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