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Full or Half Cabin 29'/880 or 31'/960

960 as 33' Dive or Ambulance Boat

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   The 960 or 31 foot water taxi and the 880 or 29 foot water taxi boats are available as either a half cabin or full cabin design. Very roomy at 8 feet 4 inches wide inside has room for 20 or more passengers and their luggage or cargo. The small passenger boats can be set up with outboards or inboard engines. The models are very popular in Nigeria water traffic and other West African territories where river crossings are a challenge. Also in St Maarten and St Kitts these passenger water taxis are perfect for tour boats. In Mauritius our boats our passenger boats and water taxi boats are used to transport guests from island to the shore. In Spanish Wells, Eleuthra Bahamas our passenger boats are used by resorts for water shuttle of personnel and hotel workers from one hotel resort Island to another hotel resort Island. Affordability and quality are built into every model. Email for the best pricing and delivery terms.

water taxi water taxi
water taxiwater taxi

Average Price for 960/31' full cabin with global shipping
turn key made for use at sea: USD88,459.00

  • Bare Hull USD39,820.00 (NON C.O.I.)
  • Include 25 hard seats,
  • CD player stereo
  • TWIN 250HP GETOX Yamaha 2 Stroke engines.
  • Hydraulic steering
  • 350 liter fuel tank
  • Fully assembled & Turn key.
  • Extra thick hull bottom / hull sides for heavy traffic/choppy seas
  • Time to build 160days.
  • 960/31' Water Taxi Additional Options Instant Quote
Water Taxi Lagos Nigeria Water Taxi Lagos Nigeria
Lagos water taxi
Lagos water taxi
Lagos water taxi
31' Water Taxi 25 Passengers Full or Half Cabin includes steering, fuel tank, bilge made ready for engine (s).
29' Water Taxi 18 Passengers Full or Half Cabin includes steering, fuel tank, bilge made ready for engine (s)

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