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River Boats

   Most water taxi boats are designed to carry passengers from island to island, from island resort to airport in close quarters with bus type seating. Like our Mauritius water taxi boats and our Bahamas water taxi boats used for transporting guests from island to island as well as resort personnel and supplies back and forth. What about VIP guests? They expect the luxury experience and now you can provide this luxury experience for your top clients in boating with our new Limo Boat Designs. Whether transporting your guests to the island airport in Maldives or shuttling top executives in Lagos, Nigeria where it is more convenient to ride on the river waters than to travel the rough and dangerous coastal roads. Lately we have had orders for more and more luxury interiors so we developed the design. Look below to see limousine interior boats made for transporting your VIP guests in luxury and comfort.

   Our Limo Water Taxi boats have teak wood trim, sofa seating, TV and DVD player, Air Conditioning, CD Stereo, Fresh water sink with cabinets and much more. Finish it off with twin 300 horse power Yamaha four stokes for the ultimate passenger transport water taxi. The best part is the price. With global shipping your price is under 150k. This price is for the delivered 31 foot luxury limo boat to major cities worldwide. If your passengers are riding in U.S. territorial waters add 50k

Water Taxi Lagos Nigeria Water Taxi Lagos Nigeria
Water Taxi Lagos Nigeria Water Taxi Lagos Nigeria
Water Taxi Lagos Nigeria Water Taxi Lagos Nigeria
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