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850 Fishing Boat Boat shipping cost
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850 Fishing Boat, Price: $37,990.00

Cabin Cruiser Boats
Fishing Boat Cabin Cruiser Boat Boat with Safe Fittings Fiberglass Cabin Cruisers
Principal Data
  • Length : 8.50m
  • Average draft : 0.35m
  • Waterline : 6.98m
  • Beam : 2.72m
  • Depth : 1.24m
  • Displacement : 2.50t
  • Weight(without engine) : about 1250kg
  • Recommend power : 2x90hp
  • Speed : 25-33.4knots
  • Passenger : 8-10
Standard Features
Large bridge 1 pc  
Handrail 1set  
Driving chair(with storage) 1set fiberglass
Navigation lights 1set Red/green
Bilge pump 1set
Capstan 1set Stainless steel
Windshield 1 pc  
Fuel tank 2 pcs 210L
Scupper 2 pcs  
Handwashing basin 1pc  
Battery switch 1pc  
Cup holder 2pcs  
Seat 1pc  
Lifehacket box 1pc  
Buoyancy chamber 3pcs  
Cleat 5pcs Stainless steel
Large Storage box(fore) 3pcs  
Fender 1set  
Fish hook 1pc  
Sunshade 1set aluminum
the base of fishing rod 1set  
Optional Parts
  • Windlass
  • High frequency telephone
  • GPS
  • Hydraulit steering sys.
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