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 Fiber Glass Fishing Boat

255 Fiber Glass Fishing Boat

Download 255 Cabin Boat Specs and Price With Global Shipping
$29,000 (plus engine) Includes Global Shipping
cabin fishing boat
 Fiber Glass Fishing Boat  Fiber Glass Fishing Boat  Fiber Glass Fishing Boat 
 Fiber Glass Fishing Boat  Fiber Glass Fishing Boat
 Fiber Glass Fishing Boat
Specs and product details:
  • Price: USD $ 29,000 with standard equipment
  • Hull Material: Fiberglass
** Please email for big discounts on this boat **
Product Description:
  • High quality FRP Boat, High performance fishing boat
  • Made of high quality resins imported from overseas.
  • Over length: 760cm
  • Over beam: 235cm
  • Depth: 39cm
  • Max loading: 2300kg
  • Max persons: 8
  • Recommended Engine power: 150HP
Standard Equipment:
  • 100L oil tank, bow roller
  • Stainless steel bow rail
  • Cabin, fiberglass cabin door
  • Windscreen, consol control panel
  • Console sheet
  • Fiberglass container with cover (consealed)
  • Non-slip deck (both upper and lower)
Optional Accessories:
  • Portia Poti 12L
  • Canopy
  • GPS plotter
  • Fish finder
  • Marine wiper
  • Anchor (5kg)
  • Anchor chain
  • Anchor windlass
  • 12V DC battery
  • Fishing rod hold
*Other accessories can be fitted on request
 Fiber Glass Fishing Boat
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 Fiber Glass Fishing Boat

These days, there are many kinds of boats to choose from.

These days, there are many kinds of boats to choose from. Sizes range from the huge to the light and fast. There are three main categories of boats: boats that are powered by human force, sailing boats, and motorboats. Although these watercraft have different means of propulsion, they all share the same basic characteristics.

In order to choose the best boat, one must take its function into consideration. Before buying a boat, one must ask him or herself what the boat is for: would it be for long-term cruising, for sports, or for entertainment? Answering this question helps a person determine which boat is best suited to him or her.

If the boat is for racing or other forms of sports, a lighter and more agile type of boat is the best option. Also, motorboats are the usual choice of those who are into watercraft sporting, unless the person goes for canoe racing which involves enduring great river rapids using nothing but oars.

Regardless of the boat''s kind, it must have a boat CE marking for it to be legally used. This marking serves as proof that the boat is approved to run on the surface of the water. Some boats are defective, which can cause problems and accidents. This is the reason behind requiring the approval of the organization.

Another sort of boat with boat CE marking is sailing boats. These boats are usually for recreation, although some use them as sporting devices as well. They are not powered by motors or humans. What makes them move are the wind and waves which blow abundantly on the beach. They are good for people who don''t spend a lot of the time at the sea.

Some larger models of sail boats need a boat CE marking. The term "boat" is often interchangeably used with "ship." However, they are two different vehicles according to watercraft engineering. Ships appear to be a lot bigger than boats. Also, their components differ. The cost of the boat should be thought of as well. They are not necessarily cheap, and some of them even cost millions.

A cabin cruiser is a type of power boat that provides accommodation for its crew and passengers inside the structure of the craft. [1]

A cabin cruiser usually ranges in size from 25 to 45 feet in length. [2] These craft are generally equipped with a head (toilet), a galley, and at least one berth. Most cabin cruisers usually have a small dining area and some have an aft cabin (a cabin to the rear of the cockpit, with a double bed) Some cabin cruisers are equipped with heating, air conditioning[citation needed], and power generators. Most also have water heaters and shore power electric systems.

Most newer cabin cruisers are faster than older models because of improved aerodynamic and hydrodynamic designs. Cabin cruisers are generally able to handle the water well because of their size and give a stable ride. They are generally spacious in the cockpit (open seating area towards at aft or centre).

In the UK purpose built cabin cruisers were popular on the canal network in the 1960s and 1970s. Leading manufacturers were Norman, Viking and Dawncraft. Today they are more commonly found on the navigable rivers rather than canals.