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18' Panga Center Console Open Fisherman

  Panga boats are known for fuel efficiency and safety at sea. In Mexico Panga boats can be found everywhere there is water to navigate. Several miles from shore you can find fisherman routinely fishing in sea conditions. What makes the Panga style safe is most are made with foam filled gunnels. This means that even if the boat capsizes it will turn upright. Another safety feature is the self baling scuppers. However you will not find scuppers on a traditional Mexican Panga boat because to have scuppers you need a deck where the water can run off out the sides and not in the hull bottom. With most Mexican Panga boats there is nod deck.

  Instead of longitudinal stringers made from a mold and filled with foam, you have lateral ribs set on the hull bottom running up the sides. So what is the advantage of lateral ribs rather than deck supported self bailing hulls? Simple with most Mexican Panga boats they are used for gil net fishing or fishing with nets. When our traveling to the fishing grounds the nets are secure sitting in between the lateral ribs and not moving or sliding around ton top of the deck. Our models can be made with ribs or with deck and scuppers. One feature of scuppers is that you can leave your boat at the dock and not worry about rainfall filling your hull and sinking in case the bilge pump stops working.

   What makes our Panga boats for sale more expensive than many cheaper boats is simple, read this.

18' Panga Instant Online Quote | Engine Prices
Max hp 40hp length 6.0m width 2.0m depth 310kg (kg) weight

Price: $13,990.00
Length in Feet: 18
Engine: Outboard
Fuel: Gasoline
Condition: New
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