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Sea Royal Yacht for sale

Sea Royal Luxury Yacht, Price: USD 1,078,000/yacht

Luxury Sea Royal Yacht Reliable Sea Royal Yacht Yachts for Sale 
Sea Royal Yacht Manufacturer Comfortable Luxury Yachts
Fine Finished Luxury Yacht 63ft Sea Royal Yacht
  • Length: 18.45m
  • Width: 4.85m
  • Draft: 0.85m
Fiberglass Parts:
  • Made from the compound of Ashland gel coat
  • 2597 ship building resin and alkali-free fabrics
  • chopped fiber mat and reinforced mat
Detailed decoration project:
No Items Specifications and model Quantity remark
1 PVC fender beam with s/s strip 1 Taiwan
2 s/s porthole with mosquito-proof ellipse 4 Taiwan
2 s/s porthole eye-shaped 6 Taiwan
4 marine magnalium alloy skylight round 1 Taiwan
on front deck
5 side door FRP integrated door with 1 Self Made
electric motor
6 s/s Salon door 316 s.s frame with 10mm 1
tempered glass
7 glass on deck 6+6 tempered with glue 1set
8 Fly bridge windscreen 316 s.s frame with 4.5mm tea 1set Acrylic/organic
color Acrylic glass glass
9 railing and handrail 316 s.s 1set material from
10 flag and light mast 316 s.s 1set material from
11 bollard and cleat 316 s.s 1set material from
12 genuine leather driver seat adjustable and swivel 2
13 FRP integrated toilet marble table top, floor 1set
14 FRP integrated kitchen marble table top, floor 1set
15 sound insulation 50mm 1set
16 inner decoration wood American cherry wood, 1set from American
customer's demand
17 furniture American cherry wood, etc. to 1set from American
customer's demand
18 indoor sofa made to drawing 1set genuine leather
19 outdoor sofa, sun bathing mat made to drawing 1set Korean leather
20 ceiling PU 1set
21 bulwark wooden board or PU 1set
22 indoor floor natural wood 1set
23 floor of outdoor deck and main deck with Burma 1set Burma
fly bridge teak, top deck with FRP
anti slip surface
24 swimming/diving platform FRP+ Burma teak 1set Burma
25 furniture paint 1set
26 dirt-proof lacquer below waterline 1set
1 engine D12-800HP(26.5KN) 597KW 2 SWEDEN
2 steering electrical control 1SET SWEDEN
3 gear box HCQ300 2
4 shafting 316 S.S 2sets Taiwan
5 rudder system 316 S.S 2sets Taiwan
6 hydraulic rudder LS,450kgm,double 1set France LS
7 rudder indicator VDO 2sets Germany
8 electrical anchor motor 1400D-24V 1 Italy Quick
9 airproof equipment PSS90 2sets America PYI
10 screw propeller Cu1 to drawing 2pcs
11 anchor/anchor chain Galvanized anchor and s/s chain 75m 1set
12 fuel tank 2 Q235
13 fresh water tank FRP 1
14 sewage tank FRP 2
15 Pump line fresh water pump, bilge 1set
pump, etc to CCS standard
16 pipeline copper pipe for 1set
fuel, aluminum-plastic pipe
for fresh water
17 valves copper to CCS standard 1set
18 bath equipment water tap, towel racket, toilet 1set
paper rack, etc
1 diesel generator 17.5KW,insulation cover 1 America Onan
2 water-cooling central air total 78000 BTU 4
3 electricity distributing system 1set
4 exhaust fan 3"36740-0010 24V 5 America Jasco
5 shore power socket #6351EL-BX*#6360CR 1set America Jasco
6 searching light 135SL DC24V 1 America Jasco
7 nav. signal lights Side lights, mast light, signal 1set Taiwan
light, etc.
8 switch and socket Vimar 1set Italy Vimar
9 illuminating system 1set
10 communication and navigation C70 integrated with 2 UK Ray marine
system radar, depth sounder, GPS
11 radar transponder S4 1set UK Ray marine
12 VHF RAY54E 2 UK Ray marine
13 magnetic compass A154 2 America Jasco
14 electrical siren #13206012/DC24V 1 America Jasco
15 electrical close stool 24V 2set456s America Jasco
16 LC TV in Salon and 40" 2
entertainment room
17 LC TV in host room 32" 1
18 LC TV lifting rack CM2-40 1set
19 CD on top deck MEX-1GP 1set Japan Sony
20 acoustics MCD755 2sets
21 water heater 70L 1set
22 smoke extractor SCR-3125E 1
23 microwave oven G80Q23MSL-C2 1
24 fridge BCD-156TANDZ 1
25 electromagnetic oven SS15*201 1
26 sterilizing cabinet MXV-2LP80Q13 1
27 wine cabinet JC-108A 1
28 double-arm wiper 316L s.s 3sets
29 maintenance free battery 6-CQW-210 9
30 cable CXF marine cable 1set
1 life jacket 12pcs for adult,2 for children 14
2 life buoy WYC5556 4
3 hydrant 1 firefighting gun and hose20m 1set
4 extinguisher MFZ5 9
5 axe GFP610*164*2.4 1
6 firefighting barrel 310*200*245 1pc
7 national flag, signal flag 5# 1set
8 anti-collision ball f-4/220*1040 8pcs America poly form
9 anchor rope CCS standard 1set  
10 clinometer, bell each 1 pc 1set  
11 telescope DWB8-20*50 1pair  
Engine Options
VOLVOIPS900(670KW),32KN,intelligent control    
max speed:30Kn
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