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25' Rigid Inflatable Boats

  This 25 foot Rigid inflatable boats is one of the most popular rigid hull inflatable boats we sell. With the superior tested design and manufacturing improvements in durability and light weight many commercial passenger tour companies order this model for up to ten passengers. These rigid inflatable boats are best known for their use as military patrol and rescue boats. In addition to these applications, many yacht owners will also employ these boats as a means of transportation to port, the larger models are used widely as tour boats and for whale watching excursions. All in all, these vessels are one of the primary choices for enthusiasts and space conscious individuals. The beauty of these vessels is the fact that their lightweight materials make them ideal for many different uses.

Features: Over Length : 830cm/25ft, Over Width : 288 cm/9.1ft, Tube Diameter : 86 cm, Air Chamber: 9, Gross Weight: 1300kg, Max Passenger : 18, Max Power:400HP, Floor: Double F.R.P

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R.I.B 830 features

Over Length : 830cm/25ft

Over Width : 288 cm/9.1ft

Tube Diameter : 86 cm

Air Chamber : 9

Gross Weight : 1300kg

Max Passenger : 18

Max Power:400HP

Floor:Double F.R.P

1. Console and back seat with Cushion
2. FRP or SS A bar ( arch) with Navigation lights
3.300L fuel tank
4.100L water tank with shower and water pump
5.aluminum canopy with fix for porta poti
7.Two batteries with box
8. Steel folding ladder
9. FRP anchor holder with capstan
10. Bilge pump
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