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Affordable Boats

   Our boats are the most new boats found affordable anywhere. Our prices will fit any budget and still have the quality built in and structural features expected. Today the boat building industry has become more efficient than before. Innovations in boat building has transformed the business from just a few short years ago. Efficiency in supply chain, container shipping and improved efficiency in raw material production offset cost increases.

New boat dealers are found based in local communities, serving the local markets. Few are concerned with the global market or the global delivery of a custom made boat. Generally speaking custom is not a word dealers want to hear because custom made boats are not part of the inventory they need to move out the door. The reason dealers are not devoted to the custom boat or global market is simple. The high cost of maintaining an expensive local showroom with stock inventory does nothing to help increase sales with buyers who are too far away to make a showroom visit practical. Local showroom dealers are not likely to devote resources in a devoted logistics staff or constantly updating the lowest, quickest and best shipping rates.

   At Allmand Boats that is all we do. Beginning in 1998 our first web site began taking more orders in one months than we could keep up with. The local market could not keep up with new global demand. in 2002 we made the switch to devote focus on export orders. With export orders no two are the same. Soon customization became routine, where a highly skilled work force could produce a one of a kind executive transport for an oil company in Nigeria then turn around and make a one of a kind water taxi for a resort in Mauritius. A new diversified market with regional requirements meant we needed to build boats according to designs, styles and construction from all over the world. As a result we have shifted away from mass producing boats for the dealer networks. One one hand it means boats are made at the time the order is placed which is different than taking delivery in a short time. Our global cusomers wait from 60 to 90 days for their custom made boat.

   We offer an experience much better than the local dealer can. We offer free shipping to any major city for usually less than a comparable locally. We have a more diverse selection of models. We offer customization as standard equipment. We offer many features a dealer is not able to or interested in because custom building boats and shipping worldwide has become our main market.

   We also strive to keep up with innovation in boat building as well as continually updating our database with the lowest shipping rates from dependable logistics partners. At the same time we take advantage of all the latest design technology available with regard to the latest hull design and fuel efficient hull designs. We still build our boats the same way we have since the beginning; by hand lamination process with the same basic cloth materials. Certain proven methods should not be changed. Mass production techniques have no place in custom boat building.

   What separates our innovation from others is that we include global shipping in our pricing. Other brands may build good boats, but then leave it up to the buyer to find a way to have the boat delivered, or charge a high fee for shipping and handling. Without experience in logistics it usually is very expensive. In the past when boats were mostly sold to local markets that strategy was OK because global shipping was not a common practice. But today affordable boating is a global market customers use the internet to purchase. There are no boundaries, there are no more local sales, that is where our experience comes in to accommodate the global buyer with quality and low prices. Buyers come from all over the world, many from remote locations where delivery is a challenge.

   Since 1998 Allmand Boats as lowered the cost of global shipping through efficiency and innovation as well as made the process more efficient, affordable and care free for the buyer regardless of the location as part of our overall boat pricing business strategy. We no longer focus on the local market. Instead we focus on the global buyer which includes customers out of state in the U.S. For other brands selling coast to coast this means they need to have dealers in all 50 states. This strategy brings with it high middleman cost and price increases. We are constantly on the move to lower boat prices, making boats more affordable to everyone. Our strategy has proven to lower boat prices and still give the quality made boat one would expect. In addition to lowering boat prices and making boating more affordable we have reduced the time it takes to build your custom boat. Our production strategy not only makes boats more affordable with lower prices but reduces the time it takes to build and ship worldwide. Quality is still number one and we can prove it.

   This is our strategy and reasons why we can sell for less while delivering quality and service regardless of you location. First we offer the option to make your hull with 16 to 18mm bottom hull thickness and the hull sides 6 to 8mm thick. That means your hull bottom is made 2/3 of an inch thick and the sides 1.3 of an inch thick. This thickness is considerably more than any other brand offers. And provides an extremely strong hull to endure any sea conditions or abuse. When you have a thick hull you do not need to worry about wear and tear. Next we obtain our raw material fiberglass direct from the fiberglass mils and raw material manufacturers before any other builder who buys from a distributor. We pay less for materials and pass the savings on to our beloved customers.

   In addition to our boat materials are purchased from the factory, our materials are at least 45 days fresher than any other brand who buys their materials from a supplier. Why does fresh matter? Simple, fiberglass and gel coat have expiration dates, When fiberglass cloth expires it becomes stiff and resin does not infuse efficiently. With Gel coat there are UV protection formulas that break down after time when sitting on the shelf. When the UV protection breaks down the color and finish fade. We obtain our raw materials within weeks of being made direct from the factory. In fact our production is only a few miles from where the materials are made.

By obtaining raw materials first and direct from the raw material manufacturers we pay less than any other brand. By focusing to the point of obsession on the logistics and efficiency of global shipping we have the lowest shipping prices, the most experience shipping personnel, and the most experience shipping and delivery to any global location. Combined savings on materials and efficient global shipping experience is how we can deliver new custom made boats for less than anyone, every time and still maintain the quality you would expect.

   Some may wonder about local services; good question. We have contacts and working professional relationships with reliable marine service centers around the world; coast to coast in the US and on every continent and many countries. When you order your boat we pre-rig your engine controls so when your boat arrives your engine is already waiting at your local marine service center who needs only to plug the pre-installed engine controls into your engine. Why pay the high dealer added costs to your boat if you do not need to? This is the best and most effective way to deliver for two reasons. One engines are specific to the region. Your local marine service center is familiar with engines they provide, they have service available near you if needed after the sale, and we pass on our discounts to our customer. Another regional engine advantage is tariff. When we ship boats to your global location we have a dedicated staff that knows how to reduce the tariff you pay. Your tariff will always be the minimum.

   It took us decades of experienced to obtain and document the lowest tariffs and trade policies possible. In fact most shipping companies are not concerned with or do not know the documentation required to receive the lowest tariff possible. In many cases the tariff on our hulls is $0. When left to chance your tariff could be over 20%. One thing is for certain, when we build and sell you an affordable boat we are involved from start to low cost delivery. Dealers will sell you a boat then hand it over to a third party leaving documentation up to a third party. Shippers are third parties, not involved in the original transaction. Our business relies on being involved in shipping and delivering worldwide cost effectively.

   In addition to saving tariffs, having a local marine service center who knows your boat, all engines cannot be sold in all countries. Parts are specific to each region. We know what engines go with what countries so there is never an issue with repairs or parts later on. Ask anyone what they know about regional engine experience.

   Building and delivery of custom made boats is routine for us. If you want experience behind your investment we are the choice for your boat purchase. There is no need to take chances or hope for the best. We keep you up to date every step of the process from build to delivery and after the sale. We have been around since the early 1960s and have adapted continually to the ever changing global market demand and have taken every available advantage of global innovation and technology has to make you, our next valued customer happy.

   Please send us an email so we can show you how all our boats are made with better quality than any other make or model.

  Here is more about materials and how we build if you would like more information on how we can offer quality boats worldwide for less than anyone.

   Our fiberglass boat hulls are priced and built with the best quality you will find anywhere. Our boats are supervised and managed by U.S. boat building experts using the best materials available. We price our boats with global shipping for less than what other brands cost without shipping. Our customers in remote areas around the globe and U.S. buyers coast to coast have a clear idea and budget of what they are looking for. Our customers do not need to worry about the inconvenience and added cost in dealing when comes to delivery.

   Another issue is quality in materials. Did you know fiberglass cloth and gel coat have an expiration date? Did you know that after the expiration date gel coat losses its UV protection and will discolor after a few short months in the sun? Did you know when fiberglass cloth expires it absorbs moisture and becomes stiff causing a whole list of problems that are costly to repair? Did you know what happens to these materials when they expire on the supplier shelf? They are sold, auctioned or donated as a tax loss to the world market. They could end up at a boat builder shop that have no standards of construction and build boats mainly for fisherman who cannot afford boats made with new materials and U.S. managed labor.

   Our factory receives our fiberglass hot off these mills before any fiberglass supplier or any other U.S. boat builders receive materials. Not only do we obtain our materials hot from the mills. We also obtain direct from the factories without a middleman supplier which is another reason our prices are untouchable.

   Our hulls are made with the advantage that ensures we build with the freshest batches of fiberglass material than anyone. The same is true for Gel Coat and resin, our supply comes direct from the manufacturers at the time it is made, before they are are sold to fiberglass material suppliers, and months before they come close to expiration. What would you rather own? A hull that seems like a good deal because of a very cheap price, however, unknown to the buyer they most likely uses expired materials? Or spend just a little more and purchase with confidence a hull made with the best materials available?

   Since 2007 we have U.S. personnel supervising material batches and engineering and building standards that exceed any other builder. Here is our challenge. Go to any other build and ask them to build your hull customized just for you with the hull bottom 16 to 18mm thick and the sides 6 to 8 mm thick. Good luck. But that is just how we build every hull so the customer can be confident when running offshore that they have the toughest hull made anywhere.

   We offer three types of construction and finish. One is a commercial building method made like no other brand with self-bailing scuppers, foam filled gunnels and other safety at sea requirements for commercial fishermen whose lively hood depends on a heavy duty safe in any sea conditions fishing boat. These boats are made to take the abuse of commercial fishing or as work boats. The next style is the recreational building style designed for family and hard the hardcore sports fisherman. These models such as our 25 panga boat have a refined finish inside and out with plenty of room for options and accessories a sportsman wants, including compact restroom facilities. These refined recreational models can also be made with added material strength. Do not let the polished look fool you, they are all made super tough. The third style is a mix of both where these models can be used for many applications either commercial fishing, recreational or as small passenger boats.

   We are here 24/7 before during and after the sale, waiting for our next new international customer to call and begin negotiations to obtain the best boats and hulls made on this earth. All boat are made to order just for you and take about 60 to 90 days for delivery. If you can wait, great, give us an email or call anytime.

, Phone: 1-844-843-4372
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