Bow Riders

If you enjoy the water sports, then the bow rider is the ideal boat for you. Our models range from 16 to 30 feet and carry four to ten passengers. The models have seating area in the front part (the bow). Its engines, usually of 40 horse power for the smaller models up to to 250 horse power can either be stern drive or outboard for the larger bowriders. They have excellent unobstructed views and as the boat moves along, it is most exiting to sit up front feeling the wind as you cruise along. Bow rider boats are a hit with water sports lovers who use them for water skiing, tubing, fishing and swimming. They are well suited for inland water bodies like lakes and rivers where the waters are relatively calm. However, since they are meant for short excursions and day trips, bow rider boats lack amenities like bathrooms or sleeping spaces.

To see any of these models sign up for the factory tour with test drive available at $3500. Factory tour and test ride charges are deducted from your order.