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Additions, Changes, Confirmations and Progress Log to Bill Johnson Order, Los Angeles

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Log Entry

  • CLIENT - yes I received the boat yesterday, will call if I have questions
  • AB -we received confirmation you picked up your boat yesterday. If there are any questions please email
  • AB -engine dealer called us to notify your boat is ready and for you to call them for pick up. Pease call 555-333-1234 and schedule when you can pickup your boat
  • AB - Just pick up when engine installed, all is paid for in full unless you added other features that were entered and confirmed.
  • CLIENT -what do I need to do?
  • AB -the boat will first arrive at shippers warehouse at 125 central street, LA, then the boat will be sent to the engine dealer at 34 W. North St., LA-ph 555-667-5432 there the engine will be installed. You pick up at engine dealer when they complete the installation and testing.
  • CLIENT -where do I pick up
  • AB -confirmed delivery in 2 to 3 weeks
  • AB -we will contact shipper. You can also contact shipper at 555-123-7890 with reference #A-0012
  • CLIENT -When will order be delivered?
  • AB -please check your email for completed photos and documentation for your boat. Pease enter any questions to the log
  • AB -confirmed cancel hydraulic steering - cancel additional cost of $600, next week we will send photos of the completed boat with trailer
  • CLIENT -cancel hydraulic steering
  • AB -Confirmed add single axle trailer + $1200 cost to total
  • CLIENT -Add single axle trailer
  • AB -Single or double axle?
  • CLIENT -Add Trailer to my order
  • AB -Confirmed add hydraulic steering + $600 additional cost to total
  • CLIENT -Add hydraulic steering to my order
  • AB -We received advance and have sent invoice and emailed your login info for your order progress log
  • Please check your email today for progress report with photos of completion.