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PangaCraft 30'

  I'll read later, just show me the 30 ft. Panga

   Our Panga 30 hulls are priced very affordable and built with the best quality you will find anywhere. Our Panga 30 ft boats made in China are supervised and managed by U.S. boat building experts using the best materials available. We price our 30 Panga boats with global shipping for less than what other brands cost without shipping. Our customers in remote areas around the globe and U.S. buyers coast to coast have a clear idea and budget of what they are looking for. Our customers do not need to worry about the inconvenience and added cost in dealing when comes to delivery.

  We often here of Panga boats selling for less than our already low prices. Our response is to consider the following. First, our prices for Panga boats include global shipping and delivery of your Panga boat. Our customers avoid the hassle of shipping headaches and costs. Our prices include very convenient delivery to your designated address, no hassle, no surprises. Second point few are even aware of. Did you know fiberglass cloth, resin and gel coat have expiration dates of about six months to one year. When fiberglass cloth expires it becomes stiff and holds moisture. When gel coat expires the UV protection breaks down. When these materials expire they create a boat that looks great for a few short months then rapidly deteriorates. Guess what happens to expired materials? They are sold at very cheap prices and exported to third world countries who make Panga boats that sell for the lower prices we hear about. Our Panga boats are made from raw materials direct from the factory without delay so you get a Panga hull made with superior materials every time.

   Since 2007 we have U.S. personnel residing in China supervising material batches and engineering and building standards that exceed any other builder. Here is our challenge. Go to any other builder and ask them to build your hull bottom 16 to 18mm thick and the sides 6 to 8 mm thick. Good luck. But that is an option we offer for every Panga hull so the customer can be confident when running their Panga 30 boat offshore that they have the toughest hull made anywhere.

   This 30 foot Panga boat is made for commercial fishing like no other brand with two, three inch self-bailing scuppers on each side, foam filled gunnels and other safety at sea requirements for commercial fishermen whose lively hood depends on a heavy duty safe in any sea conditions fishing boat. These boats are made to take the abuse of commercial fishing or as work boats.

   The specs are 29ft. 4in. X 7ft. 8in. with a 13in. draft, weight 2900 lbs, foam filled gunnel and non-wood cored deck. We have the traditional delta pad hull design that gives great fuel economy and this hull can cruise at 25 mph with as little as 80 horse power.

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Here is an Average Turn Key Delevered Quote including shippning:

This Panga Style is made for commercial fishing with foam filled gunnel for self righting ability. large scuppers on either side. Price with global shipping is

PangaCraft 30
  • Model Panga 30
  • Length 30ft
  • Beam 7.5ft
  • Depth 1.4ft
  • HP 100HP-200HP
  • Passenger 6
Standard equipment
  • SS hardware 
  • White gel-coat
  • Console w/storage
  • Self Bailing
  • 12 volt bilge
  • Mech Steering 
Optional Equipment
  • Optional gel-coat color US$120
  • Waterproof cover US$100
  • T-Top - 680
  • Stainless steel lader 3 steps US$150
  • Automatic bilge pump US$150
  • Trailer US$1350

Engine option
  • Mercury optimax 90L/XL OPT SWB US$8,600
  • Yamaha 2-stroke 85AETL US$6,000
  • Tohatsu 2-stroke M90AEPTOL US$5,800
  • Mercury 4-stroke 90EL(XL)PT EFI US$9,850
  • Yamaha 4-stroke F80BETL US$9,250
  • Tohatsu 4-stroke MD90BEPTOL US$8,000
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