Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats

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At Allmand Boats we build and sell the highest quality and most affordable rigid hull inflatable boats available anywhere. Our inflatable boats have comparable quality or surpass the quality of Zaodiac, Ribcraft, Avon, Caribe and many other inflatable boat manufactures. Our inflatable boats are priced less than a zodiac inflatable, less than a Ribcraft boat, and even lower in cost than any of the Avon or Caribe boats. Some Zodiac inflatable and Ribcraft boats will cost more yet will not beat our quality. Other RHIB makers such as the Mercury Inflatable Boats as well as the Zodiac and Ribcraft are all mass produced. Our boats are custom made one at a time according to our customer requirements. Our inflatable boats offer custom colors and our rigid hull inflatable boats offer custom seating, customized center console, color coordinated cushions and tubes, as well as thickness of the inflatable tube materials. In addition we offer Hypalon as well as PVC for about the same price.

Our RHIBs offer a fishing set up with rod holders on the radar arch. We offer with anchor windlass, electronics, double jockey seats or single seats. Your fuel tank can be placed under the deck or in the rear n bench seat. You can even order with or without a bench seat. Our inflatable boats with fold up plywood or aluminum floors are ideal for portability in you can or truck. Your radar arch option can be made from stainless steel or fiberglass. All our rigid hull inflatable boats are made with a double hull construction with foam filled stringers for added strength and floatation. Just try to get a Zodiac inflatable boat or a Ribcraft boat, or any of the Mercury Inflatable boats customized.

If you can get the dealer to make a custom boat for you it will take longer than our standard custom build of 60 to 90 days. And price? Forget about it no one comes close to offering custom made rigid hull inflatable boats with superior quality for anywhere near our prices that all include global shipping. In fact Ribcraft, Zodiac, Mercury inflatable boats and all the others charge what we charge but do not include global shipping.

The days of going to your local dealer are over if you want customization and affordable boats unless you want to over pay. The reason is we receive orders from all over the world through our web site and we have adapted a new business model that eliminates the middle man dealer and takes the order directly from the customer and then delivers factory direct to the individual customer with convenience of included shipping in our prices. When you are ready give us a call you will love our quality, designs and especially our prices and customer service.

These vessels are one of the primary choices for enthusiasts and space conscious individuals as well as tour companies taking passengers on excursions to see the whales from Halifax to Cabo San Lucas. The beauty of these vessels is the fact that their lightweight materials make them ideal for many different uses. The boats available are as big as 36 feet. the average is width 930, length 4300, Beam 2000, Hull length 3340, Number of passengers ride 7, Brand Hypalon for the smallest 430 or 14 footer.

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30' High Bow RHIB $62,000.00 Plus Engine Free Shipping

Hypalon and PVC Tube Material Specs & Layup


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To see any of these models sign up for the factory tour with test drive. Factory tour and test ride charges are deducted from your order.

Warranty: 5 year hull / 5 year materials / three year seam / accessories one year / engine three year / 90 day $0 deductible
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