River Boats

  River boats, river launches, yacht tenders all all names for these near shore boats used for transporting people and goods to and from larger boats and yachts in a harbor. They are not designed to cruise outside protected waters. A river launch is s similar hull shape as a dory. River or harbor launches were designed as with inboard steam engines as early as the mid 19th century in Europe for transportation on rivers. The design is a displacement hull for low speeds. The Navy used this type of vessel to transport personnel docked on ships moored in harbor.

  Over time the steam engine was replaced by diesel engines. In recent years construction in fiberglass made them more economical to produce. The displacement hull design has remained the same. Offered are the traditional river and harbor tenders custom made to order with hull color selection standard. Inboard engine sizes available are from 15 Hp to 40 Hp depending on use. Speeds of the boats is maximum 12 knots. Conditions for operation should be inshore, rivers and lakes or in harbor situations.The straight inboard set up makes the river tender boats best operated in waters more than one meter deep.