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12.8M/42' 26 Passenger Yacht $157,200.00 Includes Global Shipping

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  The 12.8 meter water taxi is a small passenger boat and water taxi with luxury interior for executive transport on the water. The passenger boat features a well equipped bathroom with vanity and teak species wood deck trim. The captain and drivers view is unobstructed with a full windscreen across for maximum visibility. In the bow area there is a large V Berth that can be used for overnight excursions. The cabin interior has an incredible luxury finish with real wood furniture, high quality sofa and seating for the passengers. The windows are wide and high, designed for sight seeing with a wide selection of window coverings. Stainless steel railing through out ensure safety for your passengers. The over all look of the water taxi is that of a yacht and cabin cruiser. The water taxi passenger boat can easily be transformed into a luxury private yacht or small passenger vessel for private resorts transporting guests from through out the waterways nearby. If you are looking for a luxury water taxi or small passenger boat with all the amenities that include luxury interior and sleeping accommodations then this is your best option. Included is a top level that can be used for additional cargo or luggage storage or can be made into an observation platform. Call or email for details and delivery schedule for this luxury water taxi at a most affordable cost.

Passengers: 20-26
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