33' X 11' 35 PAX CAT

33'' x 11' 40 passengers C.O.I.

33' x 11' 35 - 40 Passenenger quote here !

See below for details

  • 1. Three months build time
  • 2. Fiberglass Hull construction
  • 3. Made for semi protected waters (See attached US Reg. SUBCHAPTER T-SMALL PASSENGER VESSELS PAGE 184: Partially protected waters is a term used in connection with stability criteria and means: (1) Waters not more than 20 nautical miles from the mouth of a harbor of safe refuge)
  • 4. 100 gal fuel tank
  • 5. Hydraulic steering
  • 6. Canvas rails (39" high)
  • 7. Twin counter 150 Hp Evenrude E Tec engines (propellers, controls, key switch, throttle extra)
  • 8. Bench seats for 36 to 45
  • 9. captains chair
  • 10 steering console
  • 11. 40" x 40" restroom with manual toilet, 25 gal (plastic) waste tank
  • 12. navigation lights
  • 13. two 1500 gph RULE bilge pumps
  • 14. two economy 12 v engine batteries
  • 15. 6 10" ss ceats=

OPTIONAL (Instant Online Quotes):

  • 1. steel cradle for shipping
  • 2. engine installation (engines included in vessel are not installed but supplied with vessel, if we install we remove after installation for shipping)
  • 3. two aluminum engine brackets installed
  • 4. 14 gal fresh water spray outside restroom
  • 5. fresh water basin in restroom
  • 6. electric toilet
  • 7. lights under canopy other than navigation lights
  • 8. spot light remote control
  • 9. Lowrance GPS Depth Sounder Elite-5X or compatible
  • 10. All synthetic construction, no wood used, includes through bolting accessories
  • 11. Individual seats or seats other than standard bench seats are priced after the order is placed.
  • 12. See through screen mesh for front rail canvas on bow
  • 13. See through stitched clear vinyl for front rail canvas on bow
  • 14. C.O.I. with N.A. Stability test
  • 15. Hydraulic steering starts w/ hub, cylinders, hoses; additional charges for installation will be applied
  • 16. rigging, mechanical, electrical, sewage, bilge, fuel systems full installations performed per man hour rate plus materials and shop supplie17. full length canopy frame with canvas (for bolt together assembly, additional charges will be applied)

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More Water Taxi Boats

The 33 x 11 water taxi for export NON COI is available with restroom, bench seats for 35, 100 gallon fuel tank, console, railing; outboard engines and accessories additional. Price is FOB Cincinnati, Ohio. Custom pricing available after order confirmation of order is received.

Cincinnati, Ohio Prices do not include safety equipment. Expect to spend a little more for life jackets, life ring, radio buoy etc. Please visit our Instant Online Quotes for pricing details.

** 33' x 11' 35 passenger
** 38' x 11 39 passenger
** 42' x 11' 45 passenger
** 44' x 12' 49 passenger

In the Bahamas the water taxi boats serve to transport passengers to and from resorts, island hopping, outings. The 35 passenger tour water bus boats made by Allmand Boats will fit the purpose to carry your passengers in safety.

Outboard motors provide speed and ease of maintenance. If an engine needs service simple swap it out with a spare and be back in water taxi service in no time. In addition to ease of engine performance the fiberglass hull is low maintenance, durable and last forever.

Most of Allmand Boats hulls made since the 1960s still can look as good as new even after regular use in bay waters for decades. Our catamaran water taxi passenger boat hulls are made the same way with the same materials as as all our other durable fiberglass boats have been made.

The catamaran harbor tour boats used for whale watching and water transport provide a very stable platform even in less than smooth waters. The fiberglass hull design also provides fuel efficiency.

At this time Allmand Boats will build Non C.O.I. water taxi boats for any region of the globe where low cost, efficient, water transport is needed. If you need to comply with passenger transport in U.S, territorial waters the sa,me design fiberglass catamaran water bus canbe certified by the U.S.C.G. for taking 35 or more passengers for hire.