42' Tuna Fishing Boats

27' Pilot House

Welcome. Here you will find the widest selection of pilot house boats found anywhere. Our custom made quality and affordable pilot house boats are made with solid fiberglass hull construction with stingers that are foam filled for maximum floatation. The decks are made with synthetic core material options. Most of our pilot house boats are made are designed for navigation near shore and moderate offshore conditions. There is an optional super hull build with 16-18mm hull bottom and 6-8mm sides for the toughest offshore conditions. The idea of the pilot house is to protect the driver and one or two passengers from the elements. Often we are asked how many people can fit in the pilot house and the answer is two. You can fit more but it will be a tight fit so consider your passenger requirements before selecting the pilot house model.
The aluminum pilot house boats are made in two designs; one as a recreational model and the other is the work boat and landing craft models. The landing craft come as big as 32 feet. The aluminum pilot house is 24 feet. A pilot house typically sits in the center of the hull where you can walk around it. The front of the pilot house is like a small cabin with not much leg room. The larger UF 31 has a little more leg room that the UF27 and the UF23.ary in design. Some have a rear bench seat and a built in splash well for the outboard engine; others have the full transom set up for an inboard or you can install an engine bracket for outboards which makes the hull 29 inches longer.
There is also the option of U shaped seating in front or a simple front storage. All boats are made to order so every customer can have a customized model such as any basic colors and electronics. The pilot house boat building process takes about to 90 days to delivery.The three main sport fishing pilot house model are the UF 31, the UF27, the UF26 and the UF23. We also make a31 foot Panga boat with the same pilot house as the US27. The panga hull delivers exceptional fuel efficiency and a very large deck area. The PangaPilot is by far the most affordable large pilot house commercial fishing boat available.