Mini Cabin Boats

Panga Boats 19' to 42'

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Welcome to PangaCraft panga boats for sale custom made to order. We offer the widest selection of panga models, from commercial panga work boats to Mexican style, and recreational panga boat types and designs made from the best of fiberglass materials. Panga boats are known for fuel econoly and smooth ride. We offer the original delta keel

With a 10 inch draft our panga boats can run in shallow water as good as any flats boat. Our 23 foot will go 25 mph or better with only a 40 Hp. A 90 Hp on our 23 has been clocked ayt 40 Mph. Same with ut 29 foot panga, with a 150 Hp you can see our video getting to 41 Mph. And getting over 6 mpg with the 23 and 4 mpg with the 29. No one comes close to our quality and low price.


Our 18 foot to 21 foot our mini cabin boats are the best option when you want to enjoy the outdoors and the water but don’t have the big bucks. You will love to be out yet able to stay out of the sun in the comfort of your cabin. We build minicab in boats to fit any budget and any garage. Our 18 mini cabin needs only 30 horse power to cruise out on the lake or in the bay. It fits up to four seats. Want some sun? The 18 mini cabin has open deck room as well. Add a boarding ladder and your set for an all-day outing traveling 10 miles on less than two gallons of fuel. Talk about economy, name any other model this size with a comfortable cabin large enough for four passengers for the price and efficiency. When you’re done park your mini cabin boat in your garage as most of our buyers do that live up north. Affordable is the word when it comes to price. With stereo, fresh water tank, and seats. We deliver globally. Order yours today (Instant Online Quotes). Be on the water before you know it. Secure cabin doors protect you from the elements keeping you warm and dry when you want to be. Sliding windows on both sides let in the breeze to keep you cool inside out of the blazing sun.