High Quality Affordable Boats MADE IN CHINA

We build all kinds of boats in Cincinnati, Ohio from commercial to recreational to one of a kind. We also build high quality hulls in China then we further manufacture them to completion in the U.S.

Most of our custom boats, U.S.C.G. inspected boats and water taxi boats are made in Cincinnati, Ohio. a little more than ten years ago, we also began building blank unfinished boat hulls in China then bringing to our shop where skilled tradesmen complete the hulls with wiring, engine installation, fuel system installation, navigation systems, structural inspection and many other jobs needed to make the blank hull into a great boat. Free shipping is available for the partially completed boats delivered direct to the DYI boat enthusiast with support standing by to assist in every step to getting on the water. Quality and detail offered today is comparable to any name brand builder. Cost wise our models cannot be beat.

The Many advantages Of Our Boats Made In China with U.S. backed warranty include:

1. Experience in the business of building boats over seas for over a decade and building boats in the USa. Developments in design production is ongoing to ensure all boats are made to the highest quality standards. Every hull is made to ABS rules.

2. Your order is managed from day one to completion with progress and inspection reports from beginning to delivery and full U.S. support after delivery. The process is simple, straight forward,fast and efficient so you can focus on enjoying your new boat. Marine service centers nationwide will assist customers with any warranty claims locally.

3. Your boat can be customized the way you want with accessories at affordable prices and hull color selection standard. all parts, engines and accessories needed to complete your order that are available from U.S. brand names such as Mercury, Mercruiser, Teleflex, Lowrance, phillips, Garmin, Rule, Sea Choice, sierra, perko, 3M, Cummins, Moeller, Johnson, Sunbrella and more are included upon request. Other brands like Yamaha, Yanmar, Suzuki, and more are also available upon request.

4. You will receive 24/7 factory customer support and at authorized local marine service centers near you.

5. Many models are listed in the NaDa guide which makes great opportunity for dealers.

6. You can select any engine model you want or take advantage of engineering services to recommend the best option.

7. You can buy the boat with engine or without engine. Boats are completely customizable made to order just for you!

8. Did we mention affordable? No one builds better quality. avoid high dealer costs. Factory direct. Compare price and quality to any name brand boat.

9. Financing is available coast to coast. ask how to start the financing process with your bank.

10. Buying is safe, risk free, your payment is secure. payment options include letter of credit and escrow with terms up to 90 days after delivery. Once your delivery is processed your order is covered by warranty with 24/7 U.S. based support.

11. Your order in progress is inspected by top rated inspection agents who report directly to you, the customer regarding all details on progress and finished boat. Every order receives a full inspection report option prior to shipping that is includes detailed examination of the boat with condition and photographs.

12. With larger boats and expensive boats, we offer the customer the option to meet them at our facility to inspect boats being made.

13. This company is a registered boat builder with the U.S.C.G. since 1976 with decades of experience in building quality made boats. all boats made in the U.S. or in China undergo strict rules and procedures every step of the building process. No one has the decade’s experience in distribution and delivery of custom boats worldwide since 1998. We know that efficient, safe, trouble free importing goes hand in hand with the satisfied customer experience.

14. Our boats are made with U.S. accessories like steering, navigation, fuel systems. Installation of engines, accessories creates jobs locally. With our China made boats parts like steering, engines, electrical parts, engines, fuel systems, seating, hardware, bilge systems, navigation systems are all sourced from the U.S., Engines, accessories and other systems are installed in the U.S.

Two options when buying a new boat.

1. Buy from a dealership and pay the high overhead and profit margins included in the sticker price, then select from a limited mass produced inventory with a price tag close to what a new house costs.

2. Join the thousands of Europeans, australians, Japanese, Canadians, the rest of the world, and yes a few americans who are enjoying the savings and pleasure offered on a new custom made affordable boat; unsurpassed in quality and well below dealer prices.

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