HD-582 BOWRIDER, PRICE: US$15,500.00


  • Length: 5.82 m
  • Waterline: 5.03 m
  • Breadth: 2.28 m
  • Depth: 0.603 m
  • Displacement: 1.91 t
  • Max load: 850 kg
  • Weight (without engine): 650 kg
  • Recommended Power: 115 hp
  • Speed: 32 knots
  • Passenger: 6

Optional Accessories

Item Price
Soft cushion US$295.00
Ski pole and light US$50.00
Fuel tank with meter and inlet US$397.00
Automatic pump US$50.00
Canopy US$382.00
Steering with plastic wheel US$191.00
Steering with S/S wheel US$250.00
Battery US$88.00
2 sport seats US$650.00
Anchor fair US$45.00
Top ski frame US$880.00
Teak wood US$1,100.00
Suzuki D140WTL US$11,700.00
Trailer with brake US$1,200.00
Trailer with double axle and hydraulic brake US$1,400.00

Standard Accessories

Item Quantity Specs Remark
Soft chair 2 pcs White Springfield brand
Navigation lights 2 pcs Green/red  
Bilge pump 1 pc    
Instrument panel 1 pc    
Switch board 1 pc 6 buttons  
Live fish tank 2 sets    
Tea cup holder 3 sets White plastic  
Ladder 1 set Stainless steel  
Carpet 1 set Blue color  
U ring 3 sets Stainless steel  
Handrail 4 sets Stainless steel  
Cleats 4 sets Stainless steel  
Fender 1 set