Our 18 foot center console fisherman is the best value for your money and is comparable to any other model in features, hull design and quality finish. The less than difference is the center console fishing boat price. The 18 center console is not only an affordable boat but global shipping is included in the price tag. Please visit our Instant Online Quotes for pricing details. With your own engine, you can get out on the water fishing the days away for less than just about any other brand name. Our 18 sport center console delivers performance of larger boats but with half the horse power, half the fuel but all the fun and features a fisherman needs. We offer customization at no extra charge. We install any electronics you need. We make your hull any basic color you select. We even build to suit your waters. If you need we build up to 1mm thick hull bottom and up to 8mm sides when your navigating heavy chop or running near rocks and shallows it is a secure feeling you are driving the toughest hull around. Send us an email, we will start building yours o order today and you'll be out on the bay in no time.

Price: Instant Online Quotes


  • Length: 5.50m
  • Average draft: 0.35m
  • Water line: 4.7m
  • Beam: 2.25m
  • Depth: 1.1m
  • Displacement: 1.20t
  • Weight (without engine): 600kg
  • Recommended power: 85-150 hp
  • Speed: 60-80km/h
  • Passenger: 6

Standard Accessories

  • Driver Seat 1pcs White
  • Cushion & back rest 1set White Whole set
  • Handrail 1set Stainless steel
  • Navigation lights 1couple Green/Red
  • Bilge Pump 1pc
  • Electrical control
  • Instrument panel 1pc Wooden color 16ft
  • Steering system 1pc Mechanical
  • Switch board 1pc 6 button
  • Windshield 1set
  • Water skiing pipe 1pc Stainless steel
  • Stern ladder 1pc
  • Stern Light 1pc
  • Anchor Storage 1pc
  • Fuel tank 1pc 20 gal Stainless steel

Optional Parts

  • Battery
  • Compass
  • S.S.Fishing rod holder
  • T-top
  • Trailer w/o Brakes single axle
  • Anchor and rope