Custom Made Power Boats

Welcome to PangaCraft panga boats for sale custom made to order. We offer the widest selection of panga models, from commercial panga work boats to Mexican style, and recreational panga boat types and designs made from the best of fiberglass materials. Panga boats are known for fuel econoly and smooth ride. We offer the original delta keel
With a 10 inch draft our panga boats can run in shallow water as good as any flats boat. Our 23 foot will go 25 mph or better with only a 40 Hp. A 90 Hp on our 23 has been clocked ayt 40 Mph. Same with ut 29 foot panga, with a 150 Hp you can see our video getting to 41 Mph. And getting over 6 mpg with the 23 and 4 mpg with the 29. No one comes close to our quality and low price.

Panga Boats 19' to 42' Best in Quality Lowest in Price Guaranteed
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BELOW I S A CUSTOM 36 FOOT MADE BY ALLMAND - Allmand Boats builds custom offshore power boats . Quality in construction is lightweight and superior using traditional and time tested materials and hand laid fiberglass over balsa, nida-cor, or structural foam core. Hull designs vary on application. Deep V shaped hulls are designed to cut through the waves at high speeds. Your high speed custom made to order power boat hull has an optional delta configuration. This feature provides fuel efficiency and greater lift from the center of the V hull. In addition the hard chines and strakes can be widened to provide even more lift which in turn gives better speeds, greater fuel efficiency and smoother ride.

Consider your budget before contacting us. If you are looking for a massed produced hull then chances are your better to visit a dealer for Sea Ray, Fountain, Formula, Donzi which are just a few of the name brand boat companies. Dealers have boats in stock ready for delivery.

If you have a clear idea of what you really would like in a offshore power boat and can wait for a custom made boat, then maybe we can build one for you. Things to consider when deciding on a production power boat or a custom made to order offshore power boat. First what is your budget? Can you afford the cost of a one of a kind or would you prefer to save money and have a production model semi customized? Semi customization offers some selection like deck layout, hull colors, hull thickness and other factors that make the hull lighter, stronger, faster as desired. However semi customization must keep within the mold design for that model. It is expensive t make standard model wider, longer, shorter, or change the design as it comes from the boat molds.

It is our practice to make both semi-custom models and one off hulls where your boat is one of a kind. Even though your boat may be one of a kind it still has all the easily sourced electrical and mechanical components so maintenance is simple as any production model. The cost of a one off prototype is about two time the cost of a premium model. Example, Baja Power Boats, a predominate power boat builder offers an outboard 36 foot power boat. Asimilar power boat made to order that is unique, not made from a mold will cost about two times that amount. The advantages are many. Email and we will be glad to discuss the real advantage of one off power boat construction.