* Warranty includes hull five years and accessories 90 days to one year. All claims must be submitted in writing with estimates from two registered licensed repair shops. Estimates will be reviewed to establish if damage was caused by manufacturer defect or by misuse. Where manufacturer defect is the main cause, the repair will be be paid for directly to the service provider. Where misuse was the contributing or main cause it will not be the responsibility of the manufacturer to pay for repairs. Some parts may be swapped out for new or payment reimbursed to the buyer at the discretion of the seller.

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PangaCraft Panga 28D
Length 8.50m
Beam 2.65m
Depth 0.50m
Draft 0.31m
Transom height 25 inches
Weight 2000kgs
Person 10
Engine applicable Outboard engine 250HP

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Custom Made To Order. Free Shipping for hull made ready for engine. For turn key boats shipping is calculated from Cincinnati Ohio. Build time takes approximately 60 to 90 days. Warranty * Hull warranty 5 years. Parts and accessories 1 year *