The panga 29 Cabin boat is probably the mos versatile panga boat for sale on the market that has both the desired traditional panga design features and is made for western design preferences. For all who enjoy close to shore boating the panga 29 cabin skiff will drive in water as shallow as 18 inches. That means you can go flats fishing and later cruise to the islands for an overnight wilderness excursion. It is the best for fishing the shallows as well as off shore. Besides the shallow draft there are self bailing scuppers on either side so you can stay out in the rain or if the boat gets swamped the water will run off and out the sides. The stingers are foam filled with a honeycomb core deck for positive floatation. The cabin and inner liner are smooth polished surface. This 29 panga boat is the best choice for engine fuel economy with a single 150 Hp. engine you will get speeds of 30 mph and more with average three to four miles per gallon. The cabin has all the comforts of home with an on demand hot and cold running water, thick cushion V berth 7 feet long. In general this is the best and most affordable fishing and recreational cabin boat for the money (Instant Online Quotes).

27' Panga Cabin Boat coming soon Three models. Hi Sides, low Sides both with hi-hat cabin option for huge cabin height. Sea trials with twin 150 hp E Tec - 48 mph at 4500 rpm ! Draft 12". Please visit our Instant Online Quotes for pricing details. Price includes fresh water, toilet with holding tank, wash down, 65 gal fuel tank, hydraulic steering, custom interior, smooth innerliner, cushions, hardtop and much more We put 40 years of design experience to offer an alternative to the C-Dory brand. Our 290 PC Cabin offers more standard features like a proven hull design that rides smooth in rough water; 16" draft; 4 mpg @ 35 mph w/150 hp OB; 50 gal. hot and cold fresh running water; galley; 6' shower & head; waste tank w/ dock side or at sea pump out; self bailing deck; full foam floatation; self righting; solar panels, windlass. The best 29 for boating in the Northwest U.S. waters capable of shallow water access in rivers and lakes. Great for wilderness excursions that were beyond reach until now.

This is a shallow draft boat is the Panga. The Panga is basically a fishing boat that is widely used by the Central Americans and the Caribbeana as well as by the people of the south East Asian regions. The Panga was originally designed by Yamaha with sponsorship from the World Bank around the year 1970. The Panga derives its name from its resemblance to a machete or a large cleaver-like knife. This sort of knife is a favourite among the pirates. The distinctive features of the Panga boats is its high bow which gives the boat its resilience, a narrow waterline beam which allows the hull to work and propel through a outboard motor and a bulge which gives it stability against the high waves. The pangas are usually between 19feet and 28feet in length with a carrying capacity from 1 to 5 short tons. The speed of the boat exceeds 35 knots. Fiberglass is generally the preferred material for the hull of the panga. The Pangas are versatile and have become the most common means for drug trade especially in the Caribbean Islands. Stopping a panga is a very difficult task as is spotting one. This is due to the speed with which the panga travels and they sit low in the water while allowing for very shallow draft.