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With advances in technology, inflatable boats have become a good alternative for many boating needs. Speed inflatable boats like this one made by Allmand Boats are made to 36 feet long and using outboard motors 400 engine horse power and is designed for speed. other designs the same length are wider inside and made for rescue or passenger use. Based on its performance, it is used for dive boats, life rafts, military and rescue craft, as a water taxi passenger boat and as a whale watching or tour boat. Rigid inflatable boats we offer today have higher capacity and more greater performance potential than ever before. Hypalon and PVC models are used for dive boats, life rafts, military and rescue craft. Rigid inflatable boats have a high capacity combined with light weight and therefore provide a more responsive performance as needed in bay waters and offshore conditions. Because of their speed, portability and weight, inflatable boats are used for racing commercial or recreational fishing tenders for larger boats and ships in port and at sea recreational water skiing dive boats for scuba diving.

Inflatable boats are made 6 to 21 feet long and using outboard motors 4 to 60 KW. Based on its performance, it is used for dive boats, life rafts, military and rescue craft. Rigid inflatable boats are having high capacity and high performance.

Price: $55,990.00 or less, Shipping rates determined at time of order confirmation: Price Ready For Engine(s) (Price includes global shipping and delivery to most major cities)

Boat Specifications

Length 11 m - Beam 3.3 m - Int. Length 8.8 m - Int. Beam 2.1 m - Tube Diameter 600 mm - Air Chambers 9 - Capacity max.(persons) 30 - Unloaded displacement 1600 kg - Payload 2400 kg

Standard Equipment
  • Price Includes Global Shipping
  • Commercial Duty Rib960M/31' and Rib1100M US55,990.00boat:
  • Rib960M:US$45,000.00(Hypalon tube.special prices,two driver seats and 5pcs bench seats for 15 persons or jackey seats for 14 persons)
  • Rib960M wheelhouse version (optional)
  • Rib850/27':USD42000.00 (bench seats 4pcs for 12 persons or bench seats 6pcs for 12 persons or jockey seats for 10; two driver seats) Over length:9.6M/31' Over width:3.03 M/10'
  • Rib1100M wheelhouse version (optional) Hyaplon heavy duty tube.fiberglass hull with foamed stringers.
  • Max power:2x350HP,
  • Min power:2x100HP,
  • Standard equipment:
  • Center console with windscreen,
  • 10 Jockey seats+bench seat or 5 bench seats.
  • 300L fuel tank,
  • s/s arch with lights,
  • bilge pump,
  • non skid floor, double protect skin tubes.
  • Stern bench seat with storage.
  • Stern seats with storages,
  • Bow seat with storage.
  • Bollard at bow.
  • 2xbattery
  • Warranty available for one year (commercial use) 3 years (personal use)
  • Optional:
  • T Top:US$1500.
  • Small T Top:US$600.
  • 2x250L fuel tank USD900.
  • Hydraulic steering system for two engines:US$1800 (include two in one box if order together with
  • Passenger sighting and whale watching boat.
  • Cabin house made by 4mm marine aluminum.
  • Large wheelhouse for Rib1100M or Rib1200M

Buoyancy tube - 1 Life lines (safety grab rail) 10 m - Front cleat handles 2 - Side cleat handles 8 - Inflation valves 11 Foot pump 1 - Repair kit - Diamond non-skid deck - Deep "V" hull - Deck drain with plug 2 - Inner hull drain with plug - 12V automatic bilge pump - FRP Fuel tank ,300L - Fuel tank access hatch Ergonomic console - 10 double seat Anchor locker and storage lockers - Front stainless U-bolt 10 mm - Lifting stainless U/bolts 16 mm - 360white light navigation pole - Battery switch - SS Arch