420 / 470 14' - 16' SPORT RIB

These Sport RHIBs 14 feet and 16 feet are made with the console molded into the console to on side. These have storage on both sides in the bow and under the rear bench seat. RHIB stands for a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat, it means the boat has a fixed rigid hull usually made of fiberglass, and in some cases aluminum. The fiberglass hulls are usually double hull construction whereas the aluminum are usually one hull meaning instead of a hull and deck separate the hull is also the deck surface. They are buoyant from the use of inflated air tubes that run parallel along the sides of the vessel. RHIBs are different to a traditional speedboat. The most essential aspect to a RIB or RHIB is its light weight gives it greater speed and maneuverability. RIBs are crafts that can be utilized in many weather and sea conditions; RIBs provide a fast ride, which is safe as much as it is exhilarating. RIBs can attain speeds of 70MPH with the minimum horse power. The hull skims the surface rather than ploughing through waves as a heavier boat does. As the speed builds on a rib it's hull lifts from the water, the effect is less drag and quicker speeds. Features: Over Length : 470cm/15.4ft, Over Width : 180 cm/5.9ft, Air Chamber : 3, Tube Diameter : 50 cm, Gross Weight : 196 kg, Max Passenger : 5, Max Loading :950kg, Net Weight : 180kg, Packing Size : 390*145*55, Floor Type : Double FRP, Max Engine : 50 HP

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R.I.B470 features

Over Length : 470cm/15.4ft

Over Width : 180 cm/5.9ft

Air Chamber : 3

Tube Diameter : 50 cm

Gross Weight : 196 kg

Max Passenger : 5

Max Loading :950kg

Net Weight : 180kg

Packing Size : 390*145*55

Floor Type : Double FRP

Max Engine : 50 HP


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Length in Feet: length

Engine: Outboard

Fuel: Gasoline

Condition: New