The 19 foot RHIB is lightweight and made of flexible PVC or Hypalon tubes. It has many advantages compared to a traditional boat. You can either choose to inflate it when needed or deflate it if you want it to be stored in a small space. When it comes to transportation, you don't need brakes on your trailer because of its light weight. It is made of two separate buoyancy tubes on either side with six separated air chambers so the boat is much less likely to capsize. It can carry large number of passengers without toppling over because of its large buoyancy tubes. These boats are very durable with a double hull construction and will last for several years. Unlike traditional boats which are made with wood, our inflatable boats are not vulnerable to rotting because we make without wood in the deck core and stringers. Features: Length: 18 to 19ft, Width: 7.6ft, Tube Diameter: 80 cm, Air Chamber: 5, Weight: 650kgMax Passenger: 10, Max Power: 120HP, Floor: Double F.R.P

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R.I.B580 features

Over Length : 580cm/19ft

Over Width : 233 cm/7.6ft

Tube Diameter : 80 cm

Air Chamber : 5

Gross Weight : 650kg

Max Passenger : 10

Max Power:120HP

Floor:Double F.R.P

Price: $

Length in Feet: length

Engine: Outboard

Fuel: Gasoline

Condition: New