This is our most popular and best selling water taxi (Instant Online Quotes). This small passenger boat is now available as a half cabin or a full cabin at the same price. Click here to see the full cabin prototype now starting production as a 29 foot or 31 foot. Our water taxi passenger boats are design to be extremely durable. We anticipate operating a water bus service you may encounter heavy traffic river crossings such as in Lagos. Or you may need a super strong hull for offshore island tours off Mauritius. Our boats have been sold to resorts who use them to transport passengers to and from nearby islands. We sell to whale watching tour boat operators from Halifax to Cabo. In Spanish wells Bahamas our water taxi boats are in serve with a well know resort used a ferry vessel to take resort workers to and r=from the various islands resorts and back and fourth from visiting cruise ship. If you are looking for the best quality and affordable water taxi small passenger boat your choice is clear. it is the 29 foot or 31 foot half cabin or full cabin from Allmand Boats. all prices included global shipping to major cities

Details, Options and Pricing Mauritius Reference

960 Half Cabin 31' Above

31 Full Cabin Below

880 / 29 foot Half Cabin Water Taxi (Below)